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Welcome to R.J. WILSON HORROR! Over the coming months, you can expect updates regarding my newest films, screenings, lectures, and convention appearances. Be sure to check back regularly… don’t say I didn’t WARN YOU!

HTKIYD to screen at Severed VHS Fest in Stroudsburg, PA!

05/16/2018 – Happy (and spookified) to be celebrating TEN YEARS of SEVERED VHS fest with a screening of HOW TO KNOW IF YOU’RE DEAD in Pennsylvania! This’ll be my third year attending. Here’s the full list of gross films playing, including Jessie Seitz’s OBSIDIAN (which was shot by UNDER DUSK, SHE SCREAMS cinematographer and pal, Patsie Varkados!), as well as my buddy Luke Ostrowski’s BENEATH THE CRAWLSPACE!

Lewiston Sun Journal writes about Emerge

04/29/2018 – Here’s a brief write-up of the EMERGE FILM FESTIVAL short films block from the Lewiston Sun Journal that featured my films UNDER DUSK, SHE SCREAMS and HOW TO KNOW IF YOU’RE DEAD, as well as Mackenzie Bartlett’s BAPTISM!

BOSTON UNDERground was bonkers!

03/23/2018 – The BOSTON UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL was a blast! Saw some gnarly fucked up films and some gnarly fucked up friends! Can’t wait for next year!

Two microshorts to screen at Emerge Film Festival!

03/03/2018 – WOAH! Both UNDER DUSK, SHE SCREAMS and HOW TO KNOW IF YOU’RE DEAD have been selected to screen at EMERGE FILM FESTIVAL this Spring! Super psyched to be able to attend again and showcase this gruesome twosome at one of the best fests in New England!

Under Dusk, She Screams premieres at BUFF!

02/15/2018 – Today I learned that UNDER DUSK, SHE SCREAMS will screen at the BOSTON UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL in March, and you bet your bloody stumps ima be there… or be cooked rare!