Acadia Recording Company

Acadia Recording Company Sound mixing and voiceover recording, "How to Know if You're Dead", "Bad Breakup", "Dead Air"

From their website:

“We work both as musicians and audio professionals to help make good sounding records. We love to experiment with equipment from the distant past, present, and future to achieve new and interesting sounds through both digital and analogue recording formats. Past projects have included anything between mixing previously recorded material to working with musicians to help them produce their project from the ground up. We have access to a large variety of talented musicians for all budgets and styles. Acadia continues to collaborate with community members by supporting local music events including the 48 Hour Music Festival and Damnationland.

Acadia also works closely alongside Pat Keane of Pat Keane Mastering (PKM).”

Sam Carlson

Sam Carlson Actor, “Red Glare”, “How to Know if You’re Dead”, “Bad Breakup”

Sam Carlson has performed locally in both the Portland theater and film scene since 2013. He has enjoyed working with extraordinarily passionate and wonderfully kind creators. His plan for the near future is to move to Atlanta and use the experience that he’s gained here in Maine – an amazing place where he began his artistic journey – to advance his career in acting.

Ellis Ducharme

Ellis Ducharme Cinematographer, “How to Know if You’re Dead”

Ellis Ducharme studied Video Production at the New England School of Communication, class of 2015. He has been producing mainly music videos and a handful of shorts ever since, and recently moved to the Boston area to pursue larger opportunities. He takes much of his inspiration from Stephen King. The paranormal, horror, and all things creepy has always been his passion, and this has been the basis for a majority of his work.

Pete Haase

Pete Haase Actor, “How to Know if You’re Dead”, “Dead Air”, “Talking Point”

An intense, versatile actor as adept at playing the devilishly psychotic to the hapless/innocent victim and everything in between. Some of his work with R.J. includes portraying a catfishing douchebag in Dead Air, a Tom Snyder-esque talk show host in Talking Point, and the runner in the physically demanding, How to Know if You’re Dead. Pete is also a voice-actor, composer, and musician. Learn more & contact Pete here

Hannah Harleen

Hannah Harleen Actor, “O Killing Tree, O Killing Tree”, “Under Dusk, She Screams”, “Dead Air” | Voice actor, “Red Glare”

Hannah Harleen is a vocalist, voice and on-screen actress, former radio personality, and performer currently based in Portland, Maine. Most recently, she has had roles in both local and national television commercials including Joe Bornstein and Forto Coffee. She has enjoyed working with Horror director RJ Wilson on several short films in the last few years.

Jill Harrigan

Jill Harrigan Assistant Director, “Bad Breakup” | Production Assistant, “Dead Air”, “Talking Point”

Filmmaking tugged at Jill ever since she was a child. When her family bought a VHS Camcorder, her younger brother, her cousin and she would script out short films and shoot them all over the neighborhood. As an adult, she’s done things here and there, but over the last year or so she finally realized exactly the kind of films she wants to make. Her film, Half Lost, which she wrote and directed, is her first attempt at what she hopes to be in a long line of films featuring lesbian protagonists whose dilemma has nothing to do with their sexual preference.

David Meiklejohn

David Meiklejohn Cinematographer, "Selfie"

Budget Fabulous Films is the codename of secret agent David Meiklejohn, a writer, filmmaker, and installation artist who lives and works in Maine and Los Angeles. Meiklejohn made his feature-length directorial debut in 2011 with My Heart is an Idiot—a comedic documentary about love—and wrote and directed a short film about a vengeful spy for the annual Maine-based scary film anthology Damnationland. His music videos have premiered online with IFC, Vice, and SPIN, and have won awards at film festivals across the country. Awarded a Maine Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship in 2015, he is available for hire, for collaboration, and for adventure.

Lauren Pinkham-Ruby

Lauren Pinkham-Ruby Gore FX, "Under Dusk, She Screams", "How to Know if You're Dead", "Bad Breakup", "Meat Cute"

A “Jack of all trades; Master of none” hobby collector, Lauren Pinkham-Ruby found herself in full face gore makeup in the late hands of eve one night,  and only fell more in love with creating at home organs, skulls,  scabs,  etc…  with things that were available to her on sleepless nights. Hobbies include: sculpting miniature dinosaur pinup figurines, writing music with headlining bands such as: PERPETUAL SNOT, Bruce Willis’ Dong,  and an up and coming band named HellRaisins; a ‘California Raisins’ inspired band whose songs are based on ‘Hellraiser’, and crocheting.

Wayne St. Germain

Wayne St. Germain Actor, “Mangy”, “O Killing Tree, O Killing Tree”, “Under Dusk, She Screams”, “Meat Cute” | Composer, “Selfie”

Wayne is a musician, artist, and actor based out of Southern Maine. In addition to playing a wide range of roles, from murder victims to straight-up corpses, his other artistic endeavors include drawing the album covers for Eyeball’s “7 Minutes in Hell” EP and Werewolves on Wheels’ “Satan”, as well as the R.J. Wilson Horror typography. He is currently the vocalist for cokecore band, Eyeball.

Patsie Varkados

Patsie Varkados Cinematographer, "Under Dusk, She Screams"

Patsie grew up in Bushkill, PA, where she fell in love with filmmaking at an early age, leading her to a seven year role as a 35mm projectionist at a local movie theater. After receiving her Master’s degree in Film Production from Ohio University, she worked as a newspaper delivery driver, a hospital security guard, and a firearms instructor, before landing a gig in television. While working for these large corporations, she found that it lacked a real sense of community and humanity. She would go on to DP several horror shorts (including the Jessie Seitz-directed and George Cameron Romero-produced Obsidian) and embraced the horror community as whole, finding that they actually care about their work and about each other. She is now teaching Digital Media Technologies at ESU.

Ryan Wing

Ryan Wing Comic artist, "O Killing Tree, O Killing Tree"

Speaking in the third person, Ryan Wing is currently located in Maine where he resides, having completed his BFA at the University of Southern Maine. He lives in Topsham with his amazingly talented and beautiful wife, Sarah-Jane, their adorably cool sons, Eliot and Finnegan.

Meanwhile, Ryan was one of the founding members and contributors to AP&P Comics, where he edited, illustrated, and designed comics, dabbling with writing when allowed. Ryan looks forward to many more projects with his own company, Unexpected Press, involving collaborative locally created anthology pieces and in-school tutorials. For a list of published works, check out his profile at the Comic Book DB website.

Aside from these great details, Ryan is in the bands A Century of Fakers and Fans of Sleep (also the now departed Holland Holland). He plays guitar, sings, plays bass, makes noise, etc.

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